Keeping your floor beautiful is easy if you know how to protect and care for itCleaning Tips properly. Here are out top tips, but be sure to see complete details by asking your dealer for our Maintenance Guide.

  • Make sure your floor is installed properly according to Niko's recommendations. This is the first and best step towards a long life.
  • Never wet mop or flood you floor with any liquid. Clear up any spills immediately.
  • Use protective area rugs or mats in any area subject to high traffic, moisture or spills (in front of sinks and stoves, in doorways, stair landings, etc.). Use rugs or mats in entry ways to reduce tracked in dirt and grit. Make sure all rugs or mats can “breath” and do not have rubber or vinyl backs which can trap moisture, one of wood’s top enemies.
  • Use protective pads beneath furniture and chair legs—these are available at your dealer or any home center. Make sure any casters are clean and at least 1" or more in width.
  • Clean up dirt and grit as soon as possible using a broom or vacuum (but no vacuum beater bars)
  • Clean up spills immediately using a soft, dampened (but not wet) cloth or any dealer recommended hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Use heavy protective sheets of plywood or similar material to move any heavy furniture or appliances.
  • Don’t let anyone walk on the floor with high heels, spiked shoes or cleats and keep your pets’ claws clipped.
  • Don’t use any chemicals (bleach, ammonia, etc.) or non-recommended cleaning products.
  • Remember that sunlight can gradually change the color of your floor.
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